Recreational Kayak Rentals Florida Everglades



Kayak Rentals open at our Everglades location at 7:30 am daily, all year round!

You do not need a reservation for a single or tandem Recreational Kayak Rental. You can go directly to Glades Haven Marina in Everglades City to rent and be ON THE WATER in minutes! NO TRANSPORT FEES ARE NECESSARY!

Single Recreational Kayak Rental- 3 Hours $34.95

Double Recreational Kayak Rental- 3 Hours $49.95

Please see below for full day and multi-day rates!


What’s it like? 

Our location at Glades Haven is directly on the water. From this location, you can easily rent a kayak and paddle into Halfway Creek. You can also access the Turner River from the south, via Halfway Creek and the Left Hand Turner River.

Halfway Creek is a long, winding mangrove tunnel. There is tidal influence when you first paddle away from Glades Haven Marina, but this is less as you paddle further up Halfway Creek. Going up into the Turner River would require more paddling and closer to a full day of actual time on the water.


  • Paddling the Turner River from the headwater starting on US 41 would require a shuttle from Glades Haven and also a full day of paddling. This trip would end back at our location at Glades Haven Marina which is very convenient because your car will be there after your trip.


  • Paddling from Glades Haven out into the Ten Thousand Islands is not recommended in recreational kayaks. For this type of trip you will need a full day and an actual sea kayak, which are longer and more efficient for greater distances. All of our sea kayaks are wide and stable for their class. Life jackets are of course provided and are strongly recommended for all paddling.



Glades Haven Marina, 801 South Copeland Avenue, Everglades City. To make it even easier, you can call ahead and let them know that you are on the way 239-695-2618 or 239-595-2162.

You will need a reservation for a sea kayak (a long skinny kayak) , fishing kayaks and Hobie Kayaks.

Please call the marina directly to reserve these kayaks 239-695-2618 or 239-595-2162


Recreational Kayak Rentals Florida Everglades

Rental Requirements:

  • 18 Years of age or older
  • Major Credit Card
  • A Proper form of ID
  • A Completed  WAIVER

Recreational Kayaks are for beginners and for anyone else looking for an easy, fun day of paddling. They come in two types; sit on top and sit inside.

Sit on top-better for fishing, better for beach launching. They are equally stable when compared to a recreational sit inside, but to match this stability, they are generally wider and therefore, slower. Sit on top kayaks are all self bailing.

Sit inside-easier to paddle. May be more difficult to get into with hip and knee issues. Non-self bailing. Note that sit inside recreational kayaks all have very large, open cockpits, unlike true sea kayaks. We usually rent far more sit insides than sit on tops. At the Everglades location, we have a very large number of both single and double recreational kayaks. This is beautiful place to paddle and we are one of very few outfitters that are directly ON THE WATER! You can literally just show up and go any day of the week. We open at 7:30 am and would prefer that you get on the water by noon. There are wonderful places to paddle when leaving our location on the water that are suitable for both beginners and experience paddlers alike. After your day of paddling, enjoy a meal at the world famous Oyster House Restaurant, for a taste of Old Florida. There is also a general store, deli, cabins and houses for rent with heated pool, a bar, and so much more at this location!

Why Choose us for your Everglades Kayak Adventure?

  • Serving Southwest Florida and The Florida Everglades since 2004
  • Affiliated with the top outfitter in Southwest Florida-Naples Outfitters
  • We are directly on the water-on the “easy side”  of Chokoloskee Bay
  • Top brands of kayaks
  • On site restrooms, restaurant, cabins, deli, bar and more!

Recreational Kayaks available at our Florida Everglades location include:

Old Town Heron 11 XT ( Single Sit Inside Recreational Kayak)

Recreational Kayak Rentals Florida Everglades

Old Town Twin Heron ( Double Sit Inside Recreational Kayak)

Recreational Kayak Rentals Florida Everglades

Ocean Kayak Trident 13 Angler ( Single Sit on Top Recreational Kayak)


Recreational Kayak Rentals Florida Everglades

Ocean Kayak Zest Two EXP ( Double Sit on Top Recreational Kayak)

Recreational Kayak Rentals Florida Everglades



Recreational Kayak Rentals Florida Everglades


Rental DaysSingle RecreationalDouble Recreational
2$84.95 $104.95
3$124.95 $149.95
9$189.95 $219.95