Kayaking Florida Everglades

 Kayaking Florida Everglades

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The three hour Everglades Kayak Tour is just $109.50 per person plus tax. This does not include gratuity for your guide (typically 15-20%).  The tours are a minimum of 2 people. This tour is located at 32016 E Tamiami Trail Ochopee, FL.

The six hour Everglades Kayak Tour is just $199.50 per person plus tax. This does not include gratuity for your guide (typically 15-20%). The tours are a minimum of 2 people.


Kayaking Florida Everglades is an exciting adventure, whether you rent for a few short hours or opting for one of our fully guided, multi day adventures.

We are-” The most affordable on water fun in the Florida Everglades!”


Tour Guide direct email evergladeskayakcompany@gmail.com

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Here are a few things you should know about Everglades Kayak Company;

Kayaking Florida Everglades

  • We  are a fully licensed and insured kayak outfitter, operating in Florida since 2004. We carry all appropriate permits to operate in both the Everglades National Park and Big Cypress National preserve. The cost of these permits is significant. If you are considering another company and if you are not sure that they have ALL required permits-ASK!
  • Why Choose us for your Everglades Kayak Adventure?
    • Over twelve years of service to Southwest Florida and The Florida Everglades
    • Top brands of kayaks
  • Everglades Kayak Company offers a wide selection of kayaks, including;
  • Recreational kayaks, both single and double. Paddle Board Rentals Everglades also available.
  • Sea Kayaks with both rudders and skegs, both single and double, plastic and composite
  • All Sea kayak rentals include skirts

Kayaking Florida Everglades


Here area few things that you should know about kayaking the Florida Everglades;

  • Our “season” is generally November through May, with Feb, March and April being the peak months
  • water is always an issue with kayaking and especially camping overnight in the Everglades. A generally accepted rule of thumb is that you will need one gallon of water per person, per day.
  • Navigation is an issue. Most mangrove islands in the Ten Thousand Islands look nearly the same.
  • Permits are required for camping in the Everglades National Park.
  • Sea Kayaks are generally used for venturing out into the islands. A simple trip down the Turner River, or Halfway Creek can be accomplished in a recreational kayak
  • It is important to have a game plan for your kayaking trip, especially for anything overnight.
  • When planning a day trip or camping trip, it is important to estimate your potential mileage. The average beginner can paddle between 2-3 miles per hour. If you are paddling against wind or tide, or both, the mileage will probably be less.
  • Check local tides
  • Check local weather





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