Full Day Everglades Kayak Tours

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Turner River, 4 – 6 Hour Tour, 10 miles, Moderately Active

Experience the magic of the Everglades with our full day Everglades Kayak Tours! This guided full day tour takes you down the entire length of the Turner River through the heart of the Everglades. On this tour you will kayak in the mysterious freshwater cypress swamp, paddle next to alligators basking on the river bank, pull by hand through sun-dappled tunnels of mangrove, scan the overhanging branches for rare wild orchids, and float down river with the current through the brackish water estuary habitat. Experience this magical adventure with us! Imagine . . . on the edge of the water, you spot two gator eyes glued on a great blue heron innocently stalking the waters. As your kayak inches closer, the eyes vanish under a sea of lily pads. Wandering further into a thick crowd of cypress trees, an angelic lily shines brightly beneath the forest canopy. You then hear a puzzling laugh in the distance that gets louder until at last you are confronted by a shy green heron. Your naturalist guide explains this comical call and all the wonders around you. Paddle with us and let this dream become your reality.

This Everglades Kayak Tour is eight-hours long  is rated “moderately active” and is best for those seeking a more energetic adventure and is not recommended for youngsters or the beginning kayaker. Be prepared to paddle 10 miles, sometimes against opposing currents and winds, and be able to sit in a kayak for up to eight hours with few opportunities to stop and get out of the boats.

Turner River Full Day Guided Kayak TourMeet your kayaking guide and the other members of your tour on the Glades Haven Marina boat ramp at 8:00 AM. Glades Haven is located at 801 South Copeland Avenue, Everglades City, FL 34139 and is easily found directly across the street from the Gulf Coast Visitor Center. From here we shuttle you to the upper Turner River in Big Cypress National Preserve. After a brief orientation, paddle lesson, and safety instruction, we head out. Today we will paddle down the entire length of the Turner River starting in the freshwater habitat of the cypress swamp, slowly merging into the brackish mangrove tunnels, and finally entering the tidally-controlled estuary. Don’t worry about getting lost, your guide take care of the elaborate navigation so that you will have more time to feast your eyes on the abundance of life in this amazing region. You will see numerous fish splashing as they swim past your kayak. It’s also a truly great place to watch birds, even for the most avid birder, as hundreds of species call this place home in the winter and year round. As you paddle, you will also want to keep a keen eye for marine mammals such as bottle nose dolphins thrashing at mullet fish or the colossal manatee which are often spotted as they surface to breathe.

Full Day Everglades Kayak Tours


It is occasionally necessary to revise our planned route based upon guests’ interests and abilities, water levels, tidal currents, safe weather conditions, wind and wave levels. The freshwater cypress swamp may not be passable in late winter because the river can dry up as a natural part of the seasonal cycle. We finish the tour back at Glades Haven Marina around 4:00 PM after a total of approximately 10 miles.

Our guides have a pulse on the Everglades and have chosen to live and work in the area as a way of life. Our guides are experienced naturalists who are passionate about this fragile ecosystem. Allow them to show you their secret places while sharing their vast knowledge of this irreplaceable world treasure. Our guides are certified Open Water Sea Kayak Instructors and Wilderness First Responders. You will be in knowledgeable, safe and experienced hands.

Safety is paramount. Even if you have never kayaked before, paddling in the Everglades is very safe and great for beginners because our water is warm, flat and shallow. Your guide, a certified Wilderness First Responder trained to respond to emergencies in the backcountry, will thoroughly discuss safety procedures before we head out. Everyone is required to wear a provided PFD (life vest) for the duration of the tour. Your guide will also carry safety, navigation and communications equipment. You will be paddling in comfortable and stable high-quality kayaks and using the best equipment. The type of kayak used will be based on your experience and the current weather conditions. We never go out if dangerous weather conditions (lightening, waves, wind, etc) threaten.

What’s Included:
This tour includes in the price: shuttle van transportation from Glades Haven Marina to the Turner River put-in on Highway #41, eight hours of professional instruction and guiding, single or double kayaks including all kayaking and safety equipment, and all required permits. We use comfortable and stable, single and double, sit-on-top and sit-inside recreational kayaks. You may select a single or double kayak at your preference. These boats are not the narrow and confining sea kayaks used with spray skirts that you may have seen or used in the past. You need to bring nothing from home except a few personal items discussed below.

What to Bring:
Bring with you whatever you wish to eat and drink for the entire day. A soft side cooler with snacks, lunch and plenty of water (2 liters) is perfect. Don’t worry, there is plenty of room in the kayaks for your gear. Please bring good sun protection including wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, long-sleeved shirt, waterproof sun block and lip balm. Also bring insect repellant with 15-30% DEET. Most importantly, wear protective footwear for walking in water, deep soft mud, and sharp oyster shells. Your shoes will get wet. Sport shoes work great, but no flip flops. Don’t forget your camera and binoculars!

Although infrequent, it is sometimes necessary for us to cancel or modify a trip because of unusual or unexpected circumstances. We reserve the right to cancel or modify any trip due to adverse weather conditions, water levels, forest fires, hurricanes, permit restrictions or other circumstances beyond our control. In the event of a cancellation or modification of a trip, we will fully refund the tour price, but we cannot be held responsible for any other resulting expenses (transportation, lodging, etc.) incurred by guests.

Why Choose Us for your Everglades Kayak Tours?

  • Over twelve years in business serving Southwest Florida and The Florida Everglades
  • On site restrooms
  • Direct Water access, leading to Halfway Creek, Turner River, Chocoluskee Bay and the Ten Thousand Islands.
  • The World Famous Oyster House Restaurant
  • General Store
  • Cabins for rent with heated pool
  • Deli
  • Bar

What’s Next:
Interested? Please give us a call (1-239-695-2628) or drop us an email and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. Sign up now and take home a lifetime of memories. Spaces are limited!

Here are some commonly asked questions about our Guided Kayak Nature Tours

  1. Is it common to give a gratuity to my guide? It is certainly customary in the United States to give a gratuity to service personnel who have done a good job, just as you would at any other venue. Remember that your tour guide is checking the weather and tide, loading and unloading the kayaks or boards and working hard to find wildlife on your kayak tour or SUP tour. All of this is in addition to the significant investment in training and equipment that our professional guides have put forth.
  2. Are there alligators? There are alligators in Florida. We don’t provide tours in areas that normally would have any significant population of gators, but the Turner River may have alligators. Remember also that gators really just want to eat, sleep and make more gators. They usually eat things like fish and turtles.
  3. What should I wear? Ideally you should protect your skin from the sun, either with sun block or sun protective clothing. Sun protective hats and clothing are available in our retail store, Naples Outfitters, at 2360 Shadowlawn Drive in Naples. NaplesOutfitters.com
  4. Do you have single and double kayaks? We have both. When you book your tour the booking software will ask you if you would like singles or doubles.
  5. Are life jackets provided? Always. In fact, on nature tours our guide will require you to wear one.
  6. What if we have never paddled before? Our guides are also instructors. Your tour will be a beginner lesson and a tour!
  7. What if it rains? There are quite a few months in SW Florida that getting rained on can be just wonderful. However, you guide has been checking the weather carefully in an attempt to avoid lightning. If we can’t go for safety reasons, or if it will be just too wet then we will gladly refund your money or reschedule your tour, as you wish

Pricing Info:
The Full Day tour from the Everglades costs $189 per person and includes the shuttle to the launch site. Tours are a minimum of 2 people.

Full Day Everglades Kayak Tours


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